Applying a Strategic Data-Driven Approach for the SafelyLock, the Leaders in Packaging

The SafelyLock brand was inspired by the industry’s need for an expansive portfolio of child-resistant and non-child-resistant packaging products.  Their catalog of products is designed for use in the pharmaceutical, cannabis, and nutraceutical markets.

This innovative cannabis packaging company came to our digital marketing agency with the business goal of generating a great amount of leads and sales.

With our team’s understanding and expertise of search engine marketing and PPC lead generation, our cannabis pay per click services for this client were underway in no time. Let’s look at how our cannabis marketing team’s building of a PPC campaign helped this company to generate hundreds of sales and lead conversions.

How a powerful strategy and industry reputation helped conduct a solid pay-per-click advertising campaign

Coming in with a great reputation and decades of experience, SafelyLock was ready to take on the cannabis industry with a strong strategy and brand value. Their marketing strategy centered around the company’s strengths as the leader in packaging.

Our marketing team built out a landing page with optimized content that leveraged a list of the company’s benefits to customers. Our PPC team then launched a Google Ads campaign with this created landing page. The campaign included bidded keywords that maximized the number of leads from their project’s budget.

When it comes to cannabis digital advertising, our team understands that capturing leads through a landing page is simply not enough to push leads through the sales funnel. An intelligently structured PPC campaign requires follow-ups in the form of free demos, additional content, or promoted offers.

In SafelyLock’s case, this landing page created by our team encouraged users to submit their information in the online form for additional catalog information.

This data-driven advertising strategy allows SafelyLock to measure online engagement and conversions, and provide its clients with custom, real-time reporting. Ongoing measurement of the PPC performance allows the company to optimize and take advantage of every penny spent on the campaign.

Funneling in Skyrocketing Results and Countless Conversion Rates

To date, the campaign has generated more than 54,000 impressions and thousands of clicks. Maintaining its reputation as the leader in packaging, SafelyLock continues to have a very competitive conversion rate (higher than 10%).

In addition to the increase in search engine visibility thanks to optimized local SEO and PPC strategy, the company also gathered valuable insight about the behavior and preferences of its current and target customers.

Build Strong Strategy and Marketing Campaigns with Cannabis Creative Group

Our digital advertising team was proud to have assisted with a strong and strategic PPC campaign that matched this company’s reputable quality products and values. With the help of a strong PPC campaign strategy, companies can build a wider audience and increase lead and sales conversions.

Cannabis Creative is excited to see such skyrocketing results and success with SafelyLock! Is your company or cannabis brand ready to launch a new marketing project? Contact us to learn about the other services our digital marketing agency offers to help enhance and elevate your brand.